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NYIFF Awards – NYC Fall 2009


Best Film Awards (USA)

Best Feature Film- Still the Drums

Best Short Film – Hermano

Best Feature Documentary – A Cross Burning in Willacoochee
Best Short Documentary – Resting Places

Best Animation - Greetings


Best Film Awards (International)

Best International Feature Film – A Happy Man

Best International Short Film – SPPD: The Pig is Dead

Best International Feature Documentary – DEW

Best International Short Documentary – 5 Lost at Sea

Best International Animation - Elemi


Best Director Awards (USA)
Best Director of a Feature Film– Jerry Schram for Insidious

Best Director of a Short Film- Clem Caserta for Mafiettes

Best Director of a Feature Documentary - Brian Johnson for Barackumentary

Best Director of a Short Documentary – Garry Pastore for Waiting For Budd


Best Directorial Debut Awards (USA)

Best Directorial Debut of a Feature Film- Vagabond for Machetero

Best Directorial Debut of a Short Film – Tracy Lucca for The Israelites

Best Directorial Debut of a Documentary– Stephanie De Palma for Ralph: Someone to Me


Best Director Awards (International)
Best International Director of a Feature Film– Yasunobu Takahashi for Locked Out

Best International Director of a Short Film- Andre Doria for Awakening

Best International Director of a Feature Documentary – Tereza Nvotova for Take It Jeasy!

Best International Director of a Short Documentary – Mike Redman for Anagram


Best Directorial Debut Awards (International)

Best International Directorial Debut of a Feature Film- Nikunja for Nama

Best International Directorial Debut of a Short Film –Nino Strohecker for Victims

Best International Directorial Debut of a Documentary – Oren Tirosh for Kwan Band Diary


Audience Award

Feature Film – Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!

Short Film – Aporia

Documentary – Modern Day Miracles

Audience Award Cult Classic: The Hills Have Thighs: An Appalachian Comedy


Best Cinematography

Best Cinematography (Feature Film-USA) – Marathon

Best Cinematography (Short Film-USA)- Manhattan Mermaid

  Best Cinematography (Feature Film -International) – Dark Spirits

Best Cinematography (Short Film - International) – The Yellow Wallpaper


Best Screenplay

Best Screenplay (Feature Film-USA) – Marathon

Best Screenplay (Short Film-USA) – Joshua’s Soul

Best Screenplay (Feature Film-International) – Lovelorn

Best Screenplay (Short Film-International) – The First Concert


Best Feature Film (USA) - Genre Awards

Best Drama Feature – The Last Gamble

Best Comedy Feature – The Don of 42nd Street

Best Action Feature – Jolly Mob Cab

Best Arthouse Feature – Perhaps, Somewhere

Best Thriller Feature – Exposed

Best Horror Feature – Sacred Game

Best Romantic Comedy Feature – Failing Better Now

Best Suspense Feature – Dead Men

Best Crime Feature – Trapped

Best Urban Feature – SPOON (The Movie)

Best Mockumentary –The Triumph of William Henry Harrison

Best Sci-Fi Feature – Space Girls in Beverly Hills

Best Student Feature – Killing Saul

Best Cult Feature -The Hills Have Thighs: An Appalachian Comedy


Best Feature Film (International) – Genre Awards

Best Drama Feature - Lovelorn

Best Comedy Feature – Growing Op

Best Action Feature – Crooked Business

Best Arthouse Feature – Melancholie der Engel (The Angel’s Melancholia)

Best Thriller Feature– Locked Out

Best Experimental Feature – For The End of Time

Best Horror Feature – Dark Spirits

Best International Noir Feature- Douze Tours (Twelve Coils)


Best Short Film (USA) – Genre Awards

Best Drama Short– Inventing Kin

Best Crime Short – The Price

Best Animation Short – Bread in Outer Space

Best Music Video – Stark “OH NO!” Music Video

Best Family Short – Raised Alone

Best Comedy Short – Arrow Heads

Best Musical Short – Swan Cinema

Best Narrative Short – A Big Ball of Foil in a Small NY Apartment

Best Horror Short– Lake of Blood

Best Cult Short – Cooking With Squirts

Best Contemporary Short – Wings & Beer

Best Comedy-Drama Short – Mafiettes

Best Urban Short – My Father’s Son

Best Historical Short – Florence Nightingale

Best Student Short – Two Circles in Beverly Hills

Best Dance Short – The Tango Date

Best TV Pilot – She’s Got Is’Shoes

Best Suspense – Shore Thing

Best Educational Short– Surviving the Streets


Best Short Film (International)-Genre Awards

Best International Drama Short – Frank

Best International Crime Short –Scissu

Best International Music Video- Zoot Woman – We Won’t Break

Best International Family Short – A Messy Lie

Best International Comedy Short – Shotgun!

Best International Musical Short – The Blue Balloon

Best International Narrative Short – O Re Manvaa (My Heart)

Best International Horror Short – Exit

Best International Cult Short– Insane Mask

Best International Romantic Comedy Short – Bleeding Love

Best International Contemporary Short – In the End

Best International Black Comedy – Sugar Stick

Best International Love Story Short– Touch Me

Best International Fantasy Short- A Stone of the Sun

Best International Psychological Short – Bru-ce-kae!

Best International Experimental Short – Imagining Love

Best International Sci-Fi Short– La Pluja

Best International Thriller Short – Picked Up

Best International Avant-Garde Short – Confessional Acts



Documentary Awards (USA)

Best Political Documentary – The Battle For Whiteclay

Best Social Documentary – Modern Day Miracles

Best Biographical Documentary – Mrs. Menendez

Best Art Documentary – Split/Scream

Best Inspirational Documentary – From Silence to Sound

Best Alternative Lifestyle Documentary – Charmed Life

Best Urban Documentary- Graffiti Nation

Best Educational Documentary – Just Laugh!

Best Cultural Documentary – Shared Experiences: World’s Apart

Best Experimental Documentary – Birthday Free For All

Best Environmental Documentary- In Our Backyard

Best Medical Documentary – The Vanishing Oath

Best Historical Documentary – Courthouse Girls of Farmland

Best Positive Vision Documentary – You Can


Documentary Awards (International)

Best International Political Documentary – Exarchia-Culture Shock

Best International Social Documentary – Best Foot Forward

Best International Biographical Documentary – Blas: The Man and His Legend

Best International Art Documentary – The Courage of Lassie

Best International Inspirational Documentary- Fearless

Best International Cultural Documentary – In Search of Yiddish

Best International Alternative Lifestyle Documentary- Jenny -God and the Silence

Best International Investigative Documentary – Rape in the Ranks: The Enemy From Within

Best International Student Documentary  - Stephen’s Journey

Best International Nature Documentary – Arsy-Versy


Actor Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award – Pierre Richard in A Happy Man

Best Actor in a Feature Film– Talbot Perry Simons in Still the Drums

Best Actress in a Feature Film– Mariya Gutsu in Taxi Dance

Best Actor in a Short Film – Clem Caserta in Mafiettes

Best Actress in a Short Film – Darlene Spennato in Mafiettes

Best Ensemble Cast in a Feature Film – Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!

Best Ensemble Cast in a Short Film – On the Market


Special Categories

Best Song – “Nobody’s Fault But Mine The P.T.S.D. Blues” –Still the Drums

Best Artwork – Love For Sale

Best Trailer – Cartier Heist


Best Artist

Winner: Viktoriya & Denis Zagladko

1st Runner Up: Rince Calder


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