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New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

Proudly announces the awards from our highly successful
New York event, November 2005

Grand Jury Prize

Best Feature- Seeking Fear

Best Short- Silent Warrior

Best Documentary (Feature)- Video Out

Best Documentary (Short)- Somebody’s Child: The Redemption of Rwanda

Best Animation- The Birth of Superbird


ScreenCraft Award

Best Feature- I Will Avenge You, Iago!

Best Short- Smile For the Camera

Best Documentary (Feature) - The SuperFight: Ali vs. Marciano

Best Documentary (Short)  – Encounters with Angels, UFO’s and Divine Messages

Best Actor – Lizzy Lulu in Possibility


Audience Award

Best Feature- Goodbye Hello

Best Short- All Bookies Wear Speedos

Best Documentary (Short) – Crossing the Abyss: A Journey from Auschwitz to Oregon

Honorable Mention

Best Feature- Drip

Best Short- Where From Pink?

Best Documentary - Givin It Up


International Film Awards

Best Feature- Manga

Best Short- Tracks

Best Documentary- Child Marriage

Best Animation- Juan el Tintero

Best Director (Feature)- Maximiliano Gerscovich for “Stephanie”

Best Director (Short)- Joshua van Praag for “The DIG”

Best Director (Documentary)-  Chloe Traicos for “A Stranger in My Homeland”

Best Cinematography (Feature)  - Sulang Kirilli (The Wind Bird)

Best Cinematography (Short) – The Cat

Best Cinematography (Documentary)  - Karen Blixen – Out of This World


Feature Film-Genre Awards

Best Comedy- In Convenience

Best Drama- A Stray Cat in Brooklyn

Best Horror- Sacrificed

Best Action- Darkest Days

Best Thriller- Owen Gear

Best Dark Comedy- Franco Bagongo

Best Noir- The Next Good One

Best Cinematography- EXIT

Best Screenplay - Whirlwind

Best Score – Silent Fire


Short Film-Genre Award

Best Comedy- In The Name of My Father

Best Dramedy- Covered

Best Drama- El Rincon de Venezuela

Best Romantic Drama – Happily After Forever

Best Family Drama - One

Best Action- Mexican Hat

Best Thriller- Daniel Dreams

Best Musical- Lost For Words

Best Music Video- Something Sweet

Best Suspense- 3 Feet Above The Ground

Best Student- El Bandido

Best Spiritual- Don’t Go to the Lake of Fire

Best Urban- Basketball Legend

Best Teen – The Smoking Section

Best New York Film – Sunny Slope

Best Cinematography- Legacy

Best Screenplay – Complex

Best Score – In God’s Shadow


Best Director Awards

Feature- Mark Roemmich for “Taylor”

Short- Tanya Vidal for The Mosquito

Kenny Johnston for Looking Out

Documentary - Stephen Holsapple, Satsuki Ina and Emery Clay for “From A Silk Cocoon”


Best Directorial Debut Awards

Feature- Danny Wilson for “Darkest Days”

Short- John Coppola for “Possibility”

Documentary- Aaron Keown for “POP”

Best New York Filmmaker – Jack Bank for “All Bookies Wear Speedos”


Actor Awards-Feature Film Category

Best Actor- Kel Mitchell in “Ganked”

Best Actress- Kristen Marie Holly in “The Collapsing Wall”

Best Supporting Actor- Alfie Zappacosta in “HALO”

Best Supporting Actress- Maria Lamont in “East of Euclid”


Actor Awards-Short Film Category

Best Actor- Eric Etebari in “Sorrows Lost”

Best Actress- Anna Damergis in “Mother’s Day”

Best Supporting Actor- Rolando J. Vargas in “El Rincon de Venezuela”

Best Supporting Actress- Monique Brook in “Seeds”


Documentary Awards

Best Social- Oohmanhee Farm

Best Cultural – The Spirit of the Chicago Greeks: Alive in ’05!

Best Historical – The Abduction of Europe

Best Educational – Changing From Within

Best Political- The Making of a Lesser Man

Best Sports – NWF Kids Pro Wrestling: The Untold Story

Best Art- Bats…an experience and process

Best Gay- I Do? (a documentary profiling same sex marriage)

Best New York Doc- Know Difference


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